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Cardio Training Plan
Cardio Training Plan
Summary: 4 Days a Week
30-days of cardio training.
Description: This Cardio Training Plan is designed to improve your endurance and help improve your overall cardiovascular health. Whether your goal is to compete in a 5K or to lose weight, this is plan a great place to start.

Workout Details
A balanced and effective way to improve your endurance and fitness level.
This 30-day plan will give you better endurance, help you burn fat, along with improving your overall fitness level. You will have 4 cardio workouts each week, consisting of everything from low-intensity walking/jogging, to biking, and even some high-intensity sprinting to ensure for maximum results.
Combined with a healthy diet, you'll see great results on this plan.
This plan is designed for someone at the beginner to intermediate level. Even if you can't run long distances, you can still join this plan (and by the end, you should see great progress!). Be sure to drink plenty of water both on workout and rest days while doing this plan.
Sample Workout from this Training Plan
Weekly Warm-Up
Your first workout each week will be a light warm-up, helping loosen you up and prepare you for the week to come. You may choose each week between Walking or Running/Jogging, depending on your conditioning. If you choose to walk, then you will reach to your goal .

Briskly walking over a long distance can be a great cardiovascular workout (more so than most people think). The health benefits are the same as running/jogging, but less stress is placed on the legs and joints. (less)
Suggested Routine:
Distance: 1 mi

Running/jogging, whether competitively or for recreation, is one of the most popular cardiovascular activities. Running has many health benefits including reduced stress, a stronger heart, and lowered blood pressure.
Suggested Routine:
Distance: 1 mi

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